Nutrition and the 9 to 5

Europeans are working longer hours than ever. Obesity levels across the continent are on the rise, with the average European classified as overweight by the European Commission. Sedentary lifestyles and stress - both staples of office life – are said to contribute to our expanding waistlines. So what role does the workplace play in our health, and more specifically, is work stress influencing Europe’s white collar workers propensity for unhealthy snacking?

The relationship between work stress and unhealthy snacking has been of anecdotal and academic interest for years, but as economic conditions harden and obesity levels steadily rise, the issue has never been more critical to employers, policy makers and the health community.

As we seek to collectively and individually battle the risks of obesity and related conditions, nutrition company Herbalife has dedicated this web portal to new research exploring how stress and the pace of modern working life impact upon what, why and how European office workers eat during the working week.

Ask the nutrionist

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