Making healthy choices at work

When it comes to what to eat for lunch, there are plenty of simple, healthy choices you can make.

  1. Prepare a balanced, nutritious breakfast before you start work. A good portion of lean protein in the morning – from eggs, lean meats or a soy-based protein shake – will keep you going until lunchtime while fibre, from seeds or bran, will help with digestion.

  2. Make sure your lunchbox or restaurant meal contains a good source of lean protein – poultry or lean white meats, eggs, low fat dairy products, fish or soy-based products. Protein helps to control appetite by keeping us fuller for longer and is essential for energy.

  3. Replace refined carbohydrates like white breads or cakes with whole grain breads or brown rice and you might find you avoid that familiar afternoon slump. Other healthy carbs include beans, lentils, seeds, fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables should make up about 40 percent of your plate. Broccoli, spinach, asparagus and sprouts are all excellent sources of iron, energy, vitamins and minerals. Citrus fruits provide Vitamin C while bananas are rich in potassium, which is essential for the body’s growth and maintenance. And remember, our bodies need fruits and vegetables in order to get a good range of phytonutrients – the natural plant compounds that promote good health.

  4. You’ll also want to include some healthy fats such as olive oil, fish, fish oils, nuts and avocado. These add flavour and help maintain our brains and nervous system.

  5. Always choose water over fizzy drinks. Research shows drinking water might improve our food choices at mealtimes.