Barclays puts a strong focus on the health and well-being of its staff, offering excellent and low-cost healthy eating, fitness and wellbeing services at its Canary Wharf headquarters. The initiative complements the company’s HR policies to support work-life balance and flexible working, and is led by the company’s CRES Board with a strong focus on communicating what is on offer to staff. Two leading providers Nuffield Health and BaxterStorey work in partnership together to maximise the benefits for Barclays staff including by co-ordinating an active calendar of events.

Barclays staff benefit from subsidised gym membership at the Nuffield Fitness & Wellbeing Centre on-site which includes state-of-the-art equipment, an active schedule of exercise classes, personal training and health MOTs. In addition Nuffield Health provides a range of wellbeing seminars through the year to advise on work-life balance, managing stress, and improving resilience. Hundreds of staff participated last year with as many non-gym members attending as members. The centre also offers physiotherapy, hair and beauty services, as well as bi-monthly ‘meet the experts’ sessions where medical specialists in heart-care, cancer treatment, back-pain and healthy living share their expertise.

The staff restaurant run by BaxterStorey is also a focal point of the Barclays workplace and a place to network rather than simply pass through. In-house restaurants and coffee shops go beyond just providing a food service to establishing a social hub and sense of community. Furthermore, simply offering an alternative to the ubiquitous pre-packed sandwich helps people to feel that their employer cares about their day to day wellbeing.

The restaurant offers high quality, freshly prepared and low-cost catering services to staff. A lot of work goes into nutrition planning and balance within the weekly menus, and there are regular healthy eating initiatives to give staff information and choice, including a specific healthy eating campaign within the marketing calendar. Throughout the year, seasonal super foods are included in menu choices and staff are given clear information on dish content, plus certain dishes have GDA content listed. Each division within Barclays is also able to request additional support from BaxterStorey such as free fruit provision for staff.

Barclays strongly believes in the importance of a healthy workforce and these services are popular with employees making a real impact.

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