Google Food Program

Google, constantly on top of ‘Worlds Best Companies to Work For’ lists, is committed to making healthy foods an integral part of the company culture and available to all of their employees worldwide. The first and foremost motivation behind its famous Food Program is to create an environment in which Googlers can be at their best. This has been part of company’s philosophy from day one.

Behind the program are the company founders who believed that it is essential to take a long-term view on employee welfare and to invest in people as much as possible. The Food Program is one of the most significant employee perks which helps to attract and retain the best talents in all parts of the world.

At Google, it is important for company leadership to ensure that all employees understand what food can do for them: that it is essential not to forget to eat when working, it is important to have a healthy meal, and it is also necessary to have healthy snacks in between meals to keep you going. Google tries to facilitate this all day, every day.

“We have canteens where food is available all day long, and we have what we call micro-kitchens, areas where you can get a drink or a snack when you’re feeling peckish. But most importantly, we also have a range of events with guest speakers about food and nutrition, and about what food can do for your health. The events range from informative lectures with experts from renowned universities to cooking lessons with celebrity chefs,”

said Michiel Bakker, Director, Global Food Services at Google.

The menus in the canteens are put together by chefs and nutritionists, to ensure that there is a balance between ‘what is good for you’ and ‘what you’d like to eat’. The canteen menus vary every day, and food is always sustainably produced, with many ingredients sourced locally, seasonally and organically. As the food offering is very wide, Google tries to ensure that the employees will make informed and balanced choices: snacks, drinks and food are labelled with traffic lights green (eat anytime), yellow (once in a while), or red (not often, please).  

In addition, the canteens are laid out in a way that the salad bar and vegetables are the first counters people pass when they enter the canteen, and healthiest products are always put at eye level. Small plates are used to avoid overeating, and canteen managers are always on top of the food offering, making sure it never runs out of healthy options.

“It is so important that the leadership is on board. We’re able to run the Food Program because top management is fully supporting it.”

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