Stress and Snacking: A Study of the European Office

New research by global nutrition company Herbalife, conducted with consulting editor, food psychologist Dr. Barbara Stewart-Knox, Northern Ireland Centre for Food and Health, University of Ulster food reveals a link between high work-related stress and EU workers’ increased likelihood to snack on unhealthy foods high in fat, sugar and salt.

“Stress and snacking: a study of the European office” is now available for download, and is recommended reading for nutritionists, employers, and anyone with an interest in public health and tackling Europe’s obesity epidemic.

The report contains brand new research, which recorded the stress levels and eating habits of 4,980 office workers in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The findings reveal that workers experiencing high levels of stress are significantly more likely to snack outside of their main meals, and when they do so, they are more likely to choose unhealthy snacks.